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gather, meet, assemble
convenio,convenire, conveni, conventus
snatch away, take by force, rescue
eripio,eripere, eripui, ereptus
refuse, deny
abnego,abnegare, abnegavi, abnegatus
accommodo,accommodare, accommadavi, accommodatus
accuso,accusare, accusavi, accusatus
adflo,adflare, adflavi, adflatus
carry out, perform, manage
administro,administrare, administravi, administratus
swim towards
adnato,adnatare, adnatavi, adnatatus
note, comment upon
adnoto,adnotare, adnotavi, adnotatus
level, flatten, make equal
aequo,aequare, aequavi, aequatus
value, estimate, assess
aestimo,aestimare, aestimavi, aestimatus
affirm, claim, declare
affirmo,affirmare, affirmavi, affirmatus
put in motion, toss, disturb, consider
agito,agitare, agitavi, agitatus
cut off
amputo,amputare, amputavi, amputatus
apparo,apparare, apparavi, apparatus
call, name
appello,appellare, appellavi, appellatus
fit, adjust
apto,aptare, aptavi, aptatus
arm, make ready for battle
armo,armare, armavi, armatus
aro,arare, aravi, aratus
carry away
asporto,asportare, asportavi, asportatus
go to war, make war
bello,bellare, bellavi, bellatus
sing, play, enchant
canto,cantare, cantavi, cantatus
rebuke, reprimand
castigo,castigare, castigavi, castigatus
hollow out
cavo,cavare, cavavi, cavatus
ceno,cenare, cenavi
cease, hesitate, be idle, be inactive
cesso,cessare, cessavi, cessatus
surround, put X in acc) around (Y in dat)
circumdo,circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus
put in swift motion, excite, hurry
cito,citare, citavi, citatus
station, place, arrange, deploy
colloco,collacare, collocavi, collocatus
mention, relate
commemoro,commemorare, commemoravi, commemoratus
entrust, recommend
commendo,commendare, commendavi, commendatus
share, communicate with
communico,communicare, communicavi, communicatus
unite, win over, act as a broker
concilio,conciliare, conciliavi, conciliatus
rouse, stir up, cause
concito,concitare, concitavi, concitatus
conclamo,conclamare, conclamavi, conclamatus
establish, confirm, pledge
confirmo,comfirmare, confirmavi, confirmatus
swear, conspire
coniuro,coniurare, coniuravi, coniuratus
consecro,consecrare, consecravi, consecratus
preserve, keep
conservo,conservare, conservavi, conservatus
call together, assemble
convoco,convocare, convocavi, convocatus
copulo,copulare, copulavi, copulatus
create, elect, make, give birth to
creo,creare, creavi, creatus
crepito,crepitare, crepitavi, crepitatus
crucio,cruciare, cruciavi, cruciatus
culpo,culpare, culpavi, culpatus
condemn, harm, damage
damno,damnare, damnavi, damnatus
indicate, declare, reveal
declaro,declarare, declaravi, declaratus
turn away
declino,declinare, declinavi, declinatus
please, delight
delecto,delectare, delectavi, delectatus
consider well
delibero,deliberare, deliberavi, deliberatus
tie, bind
deligo,deligare, deligavi, deligatus
show, point out, describe
demonstro,demonstrare, demonstravi, demonstratus
want, desire
desidero,desiderare, desideravi, desideratus
mark out, designate, indicate
designo,designare, designavi, designatus
devour, consume, squander
devoro,devorare, devoravi, devoratus
tear to pieces, tear apart
dilacero,dilacerare, dilaceravi, dilaceratus
fight (to a finish), struggle
dimico,dimicare, dimicavi, dimicatus