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dispute, argue
disputo,disputare, disputavi, disputatus
keep secret
dissimulo,dissimulare, dissimulavi, dissimulatus
domo,domare, domui, domitus
present, give as gift
dono,donare, donavi, donatus
harden, last
duro,durare, duravi, duratus
breath out, blow
efflo,efflare, efflavi, efflatus
improve, reform
emendo,emendare, emendavi, emendatus
flash out, dart out
emico,emicare, emicavi, emicatus
fly out
evolo,evolare, evolavi, evolatus
shout out
exclamo,exclamare, exclamavi, exclamatus
make excuses, excuse
excuso,excusare, excusavi, excusatus
breathe out
exhalo,exhalare, exhalavi, exhalatus
value, estimate, judge, think
existimo,existimare, existimavi, existimatus
explico,explicare, explicavi, explicatus
exploro,explorare, explorare, exploratus
take by storm
expugno,expugnare, expugnavi, expugnatus
make, build
fabrico,fabricare, fabricavi, fabricatus
firmo,firmare, firmavi, firmatus
flagito,flagitare, flagitavi, flagitatus
flo,flare, flavi, flatus
defile, disfigure
foedo,foedare, foedavi, foedatus
fraudo,fraudare, fraudavi, fraudatus
carry, bear
gesto,gestare, gestavi, gestatus
steer, navigate
guberno,gubernare, gubernavi, gubernatus
taste, have a light meal
gusto,gustare, gustavi, gustatus
doubt, hesitate
haesito,haesitare, haesitavi, haesitatus
spend the winter
hiemo,hiemare, hiemavi, hiematus
throw, allege, bandy about
iacto,iactare, iactavi, iactatus
illumine, make clear
illustro,illustrare, illustravi, illustratus
change, alter
immuto,immutare, immutavi, immutatus
bring into, carry into, import
importo,importare, importavi, importatus
lean, incline
inclino,inclinare, inclinavi, inclinatus
point out, announce, indicate
indico,indicare, indicavi, indicatus
set on fire, inflame
inflammo,inflammare, inflammavi, inflammatus
blow on
inflo,inflare, inflavi, inflatus
tie on, fasten
inligo,inligare, inligavi, inligatus
float on, swim in
inno,innare, innavi, innatus
make a sound, make a noise
insono,insonare, insonavi, insonatus
press on, be at hand
insto,instare, institi
stretch, turn to, apply, aim at, direct
intendo,intendere, intendi, intentus
run between
intercurso,intercursare, intercursavi, intercursatus
call on
invoco,invocare, invocavi, invocatus
iudico,iudicare, iudicavi, iudicatus
iuro,iurare, iuravi, iuratus
tear, mangle
lacero,lacerare, laceravi, laceratus
lacrimo,lacrimare, lacrimavi
lavo,lavare, lavi, lavatus (lautus, lotus)
loosen, open up
laxo,laxare, laxavi, laxatus
lighten, relieve, console
levo,levare, levavi, levatus
bind up
ligo,ligare, ligavi, ligatus
place, pitch
loco,locare, locavi, locatus
ripen, hasten
maturo,maturare, maturavi, maturatus
mention, say
memoro,memorare, memoravi, memoratus
nato,natare, natavi, natatus
nomino,nominare, nominavi, nominatus
mark, note
noto,notare, notavi, notatus
lay bare, expose, strip
nudo,nudare, nudavi, nudatus
reckon, count
numero,numerare, numeravi, numeratus
observo,observare, observavi, observatus
obsigno,obsignare, obsignavi, obsignatus
stand in the way
obsto,obstare, obstiti, obstatus
run up to, meet
occurso,occursare, occursavi, occursatus
onero,onerare, oneravi, oneratus
arrange, draw up
ordino,ordinare, ordinavi, ordinatus
point out
ostento,ostentare, ostentavi, ostentatus
pacify, subdue
paco,pacare, pacavi, pacatus
to do wrong
pecco,peccare, peccavi, peccatus
penetrate, extend
penetro,penetrare, penetravi, penetratus
persist, persevere
persevero,perseverare, perseveravi, perseveratus
confuse, throw into confusion
perturbo,perturbare, perturbavi, perturbatus
appease, pray to, calm
placo,placare, placavi, placatus
ploro,plorare, ploravi, ploratus
throw headlong, fall headlong
praecipito,praecipitare, praecipitavi, praecipitatus
to be superior (to), stand out, show
praesto,praestare, praestiti, praestatus (+dat)
test, approve of
probo,probare, probavi, probatus
propero,properare, properavi, properatus
propinquo,propinquare, propinqavi
look out at
prospecto,prospectare, prospectavi, prospectatus
beat, strike
pulso,pulsare, pulsavi, pulsatus
make clean, cleanse, purify
purgo,purgare, purgavi, purgatus
object loudly, protest
reclamo,reclamare, reclamavi, reclamatus
lie, recline
recubo,recubare, recubavi, recubatus
recupero,recuperare, recuperavi, recuperatus
recuso,recusare, recusavi, recusatus
redintegro,redintegrare, redintegravi, redintegratus
refute, disprove
refuto,refutare, refutavi, refutatus
lift, relieve
relevo,relevare, relevavi, relevatus
tie up, tuck up
religo,religare, religavi, religatus
renovo,renovare, renovavi, renovatus
win (a victory)
reporto,reportare, reportavi, reportatus
fight back, resist
repugno,repugnare, repugnavi, repugnatus