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glasshouse whitefly
small white flying insects, eggs and scales; sticky honeydew, sooty moulds
two-spotted spider mite
light speckling, cream spots, which may join up to form larger patches; webbing
peach potato aphid
distortion of young growth; sticky honeydew, sooty moulds, adults and white moult skins
horse chestnut leaf miner
June: white blotch mines in leaf (later turn brown); caterpillars / cocoons visible when leaf held up to the light. August: foliage browning, looks unhealthy
vine weevil
irregular notches and holes eaten out of leaves; death of young shoots by ring-barking (indicates adult activity)
capsid bug
small holes, with brown edges, giving distorted, tattered foliage, especially near the shoot tips; flowers might form unevenly
mealy bug
fluffy white wax in leaf axils or sheltered places in the plant; white insects or their orange-pink eggs
lily beetle
stripped foliage on lillies and fritillaries; wet black excrement of the larvae (the larvae found underneath); white or brown dried up patches; rounded holes in the leaves
light mottling, flecking and silvering; some distortion; misshapen fruits; yellow or brown larvae, plus adults
scales or shell-like bumps on stems and underside of leaves; honeydew and sooty mould; white, waxy mounds (egg masses)
solomon's seal sawfly
caterpillar-like larvae with black heads, eating elongate strips from foliage; purplish brown scars on the leaf stems (where eggs were inserted)