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Pests - Damage

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vine weevil
adult damage: checked growth. larvae damage: sudden wilting or collapse (roots eaten)
capsid bug
'lace-curtain' foliage; uneven flowers; corky scabs on apples (but flesh not affected)
peach potato aphid
weakening and distortion; unsightly (honeydew and sooty mould)
two-spotted spider mite
disfiguration, weakening, leaf loss
lily beetle
defoliation weakens plant, may not flower following year
glasshouse whitefly
plant weakened; growth distorted; virus transmission; honeydew and sooty mould
mealy bug
honeydew and sooty mould; weakens plant; unsightly white wax
heavy infestations = poor growth; honeydew and sooty mould unsightly
new growth distorted, browning, curled; petals browned
solomon's seal sawfly
horse chestnut leaf miner
unsightly; early leaf drop in heavy infestations