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o-stem (feminine)

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गौः ; gouH
गो nominative singular
गावौ ; gaavou
गो nominative dual
गावः ; gaavaH
गो nominative plural
गाम् ; gaam
गो accusative singular
गावौ ; gaavau
गो accusative dual
गाः ; gaaH
गो accusative plural
गवा ; gavaa
गो by with (singular)
गोभ्याम् ; gobhyaam
गो by with (dual)
गोभिः ; gobhiH
गो by with (plural)
गवे ; gave
गो for (singular)
गोभ्याम् ; gobhyaam
गो for (dual)
गोभ्यः ; gobhyaH
गो for (plural)
गोः ; goH
गो from (singular)
गोभ्याम् ; gobhyaam
गो from (dual)
गोभ्यः ; gobhyaH
गो from (plural)
गोः ; goH
गो of (singular)
गवोः ; gavoH
गो of (dual)
गवाम् ; gavaam
गो of (plural)
गवि ; gavi
गो in on (singular)
गवोः ; gavoH
गो in on (dual)
गोषु ; goSHu
गो in on (plural)
गौः ; gauH
गो vocative (singular)
गावौ ; gaavau
गो vocative (dual)
गावः ; gaavaH
गो vocative (plural)