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r-stems (masculine)

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भर्ता ; bhartaa
भर्तृ nominative singular
भर्तारौ ; bhartaarau
भर्तृ nominative dual
भर्तारः ; bhartaaraH
भर्तृ nominative plural
भर्तारम् ; bhartaaram
भर्तृ accusative singular
भर्तारौ ; bhartaarau
भर्तृ accusative dual
भर्तॄन् ; bhartriin
भर्तृ accusative plural
भर्त्रा ; bhartraa
भर्तृ by with (singular)
भर्तृभ्याम् ; bhartrbhyaam
भर्तृ by with (dual)
भर्तृभिः ; bhartrbhiH
भर्तृ by with (plural)
भर्त्रे ; bhartre
भर्तृ for (singular)
भर्तृभ्याम् ; bhartrbhyaam
भर्तृ for (dual)
भर्तृभ्यः ; bhartbhyaH
भर्तृ for (plural)
भर्तुः ; bhartuH
भर्तृ from (singular)
भर्तृभ्याम् ; bhartrbhyaam
भर्तृ from (dual)
भर्तृभ्यः ; bhartrbhyaH
भर्तृ from (plural)
भर्तुः ; bhartuH
भर्तृ of (singular)
भर्त्रोः ; bhartroH
भर्तृ of (dual)
भर्तॄणाम् ; bhartriiNaam
भर्तृ of (plural)
भर्तरि ; bhartari
भर्तृ in on (singular)
भर्त्रोः ; bhartroH
भर्तृ in on (dual)
भर्तृषु ; bhartrSHu
भर्तृ in on (plural)
भर्तः ; bhartaH
भर्तृ vocative (singular)
भर्तारौ ; bhartaarau
भर्तृ vocative (dual)
पितरौ ; pitarau
पितृ vocative dual (exception)
भर्तारः ; bhartaaraH
भर्तृ vocative (plural)
पितरम् ; pitaram
पितृ accusative singular (exception)
पितरौ ; pitarau
पितृ accusative dual (exception)
पितरौ ; pitarau
पितृ nominative dual (exception)
पितरः ; pitaraH
पितृ vocative plural (exception)