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Simple sentences (He, she, us)

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mae e
He is
mae hi
She is
dyn ni
we are
mae e'n hoffi
he likes (is liking)
mae hi'n yfed
she drinks (is drinking)
dyn ni'n bwyta
we eat (are eating)
mae hi'n hoffi coffi
she likes coffee
mae e'n hoffi dŵr
he likes water
dyn ni'n hoffi cwrw
we like beer
mae hi'n yfed te
she drinks tea
mae e'n bwyta bara
he eats bread
dyn ni eisiau coffi
we want coffee
mae hi'n yfed gwin dydd Sadwrn
she drinks wine (on) Saturday
dyn ni'n bwyta caws dydd Iau
we eat cheese (on) Thursday
mae e eisiau yfed dydd Mercher
he wants to drink (on) Wednesday
dyn ni eisiau chwech peint
we want six pints