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mae e wedi
he has (+ verb)
mae hi wedi bwyta
she has eaten
dyn ni wedi
we have (+ verb)
mae e wedi bwyta cig
he has eaten meat
dyn ni wedi yfed coffi
we have drunk coffee
mae hi wedi nofio
she has swum
ydy hi wedi dod?
has she come?
ydy, mae hi wedi dod
yes, she has come
nac ydy, mae hi wedi mynd
no, she has gone
ydy e wedi yfed cwrw?
has he drunk beer?
ydy, mae e wedi yfed cwrw
yes, he has drunk beer
nac ydy, mae e wedi yfed coffi
no, he has drunk coffee
ydy e wedi mynd i Aberhonddu?
has he gone to Brecon?
ydy, mae e wedi mynd i Aberhonddu
yes, he has gone to Brecon.
nac ydy, mae e wedi mynd i Abertawe
no, he has gone to Swansea