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dw i wedi...
I have (+ verb)
dw i wedi bwyta
I have eaten
dw i wedi bwyta cig
I have eaten meat
dw i wedi bwyta bara
I have eaten bread
dw i wedi yfed cwrw
I have drunk beer
dych chi wedi..
you have..(+verb)
dych chi wedi yfed cwrw
you have drunk beer
dych chi wedi...?
have you? (+ verb)
dych chi wedi bwyta?
have you eaten?
ydw, dw i wedi bwyta
yes, I have eaten
dych chi wedi yfed?
have you drunk?
ydw, dw i wedi yfed
yes, I have drunk
to walk
dych chi wedi cerdded?
have you walked?
ydw, dw i wedi cerdded
yes, I have walked