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Aptitude test
a test designed to predict future performance, capacity to learn
Achievement test
a test designed to assess what a person has learned
the most widely used intelligence test: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
a variant of the WAIS for school children: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
defining scores in comparison with representative sample
Normal curve
symmetrical bell curve, where most scores fall in the middle, that describes the results of many tests
Flynn effect
the worldwide rise in average IQ over the past century
the consistency of a test's results, assessed by test-retest or split-half scores
extent to which test measures or predicts what it is supposed to
Content validity
extent to which a test samples the behavior of interest
the behavior that a test is designed to predict, used to judge validity
Predictive validity
extent to which a test predicts the behavior it is designed to predict
Intelligence stability
by age four, intelligence becomes predictive; by age 7, intelligence mostly stabilizes
Mental retardation
a condition of limited mental ability, with difficulty adapting to life and an IQ of below 70
Stereotype threat
the self-fulfilling concern that one's evaluation will be based on negative stereotypes