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Roses in a Dish
The Water Sprite
Jan Sobieski Vanquisher of the Turks at the Gates of Vienna
The Reception
Bringing Home the Body of King Carl XIII of Sweden
After the Pose
Madame X
Bathers at Asnieres
Breakfast in the Garden
A Sunday on La Grande Jatté 1884
Louis Pasteur in His Laboratory
Kaiser Franz Josef I of Austria in Uniform
Lady at the Tea Table
Painting the Birds
The Island of the Dead
Eight Bells
The Tub
Summer Night
The Garden of Pan
At the Cirque Fernando: The Ringmaster
The Vision After the Sermon
Man Warping
"Hip Hip Hurrah!" Artists' Party at Skagen
The Bedroom at Arles
Christís Triumphant Entry into Brussels in 1889
Isabella Stewart Gardner
Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear
The Olive Pickers, Saint-Remy, 1889
Georg Brandes at the University in Copenhagen
The Agnew Clinic
Country Festival
By Lamplight
Snow-covered Buildings by a River
Wheat Field with Crows
Poole Harbour
Lovemaking in the Evening
The Doctor
A Break Away!
Haystack at Sunset, Frosty Weather
Haystack in the Morning, Snow Effect
The Flowered Dress
Tiger in a Tropical Storm
The Punishment of Lust
In the Souk
Chica in a Bar
The Moret Bridge in the Sun
Ta Matete (We Shall Not Go to the Market Today)
Young Girls at the Piano