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la matinada
early morning
És la una (de la nit)
01.00am ('it's the one[f]')
Són les deu vint-i-cinc
10.25 ('are the[f-pl] ten twenty-and-five') [simplified system]
Passen quatre minuts de la una (del migdia)
13.04 ('pass four minutes of the one[f]')
Quina hora és?
What time is it?
Són les dues (del vespre)
14.00 ('there are the[f-pl] two')
Són tres quarts de quatre (de la tarda)
3.45pm ('there are three quarters from four')
Són dos quarts i cinc de set (del vespre)
18.35 ('there are two quarters and five from seven')
Bona nit i dolços somnis!
Good night and sweet dreams!