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At the train station (Dialogue)

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فى محطة القطر
at the train station
عبد الله عايز ياخد تاكسى للبلد.
Abdullah wants to take a taxi to the town.
سأل واحدة يلاقى تاكسى فين.
He asks a lady where he can find a taxi
الست قالت:
the woman says
يكون أرخص بكتير لو ركبت القطر
It is much cheaper to go by train
متشكر قوى.
Thank you very much
فى المحطة راح عبدالله على شباك التذاكر.
At the train station Abdullah goes to the ticket stand
لو سمحت. القطر اللى جاى امتى؟
Excuse me, when is the next train leaving?
بعد نصف ساعة.
In half an hour
يبقى حاخد تذكرة رايح جاى للبلد.
Then I take a one way ticket to the city.
أربعة جنيه وربع.
4.25 please
معايا فكة تكفى.
I still have that much change