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At the coffee shop (Dialogue)

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فى قهوة
At the coffee shop
عبد الله جعان وعطشان.
Abdullah is hungry and thirsty.
راح قهوة وقعد على ترابيزة فاضية.
He goes to a coffee shop and sits down at an empty table.
الجرسونة جات له.
The waitress comes over to him.
تحب تشرب ايه؟
What would you like to drink?
شاى وكوباية مية من فضلك.
Tea and a glass of water, please.
تحب تاكل حاجة؟
Do you also want to eat something?
عندكم سندوتشات؟
Do you (plural) have sandwiches?
طبعا وعندنا سلاطات كمان.
Of course. We also have salads!
حآخد سندوتش جبنة وطبق سلاطة كبير.
Give me a sandwich with cheese and a large salad.