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The trip (Dialogue)

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The trip
عيشة اتولدت واتربت فى الأسكندرية وعزمت عبدالله على رحلة هناك.
Aishah was born and grew up in Alexandria. She invites Abdullah on a trip there.
حتوريه المدينة.
She will show him the city.
طلعوا يوم السبت الصبح ووصلوا بعد ساعتين.
They left on saturday morning and arrived after two hours.
اتمشوا فى المدينة القديمة.
They go through the old town.
أنا قضيت معظم وقتى هنا وأنا صغيرة.
I spent most of my time here when I was young.
فى معرض فنى؟
In an art gallery?
آه دة بتاع خالتى.
Yes, it's my aunts.
كانت دايما تـقـعـدهناك وتكتب قـصص عن الفنانين.
She always sat there and wrote stories about the artists.
والدتى كانت بتفـرج الأفواج هنا.
And my mom was showing groups around here.
فـى فـيلم عن واحد من الفـنا نـيـن متصور هنا.
There is a movie about one of the artists here.
أنا حتى قـرأت عـنه فى البامفـلت.
I even read about it in my pamphlet.
عشان كدة فى سواح كتير هنا.
That is why there are so many tourists here!
آه الدنيا زحمة ٌوى هـنا. يلا نروح حتة تانية؟
Yes, it is quite busy here. Let's move somewhere else now?
الاتنين كملوا.
Both of them continue walking.
ايه المبنى الكبير اللى جنب البنك ده؟
What is the large building next to this bank?
ده كان زمان سجن.
That was once a prison.
دلوقـتى هو متحف. الأدوار اللى فوق متأجرة لـد كاترةو محـامـيـن ودكاتـرة أسنان
Now it is a museum. The upper floors are rented to lawyers, doctors and dentists.