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عبد الله بيكتب جواب لأخوه
Abdullah writes a letter to his brother.
أخى العزيز
Dear brother
ازيك؟ بقالى كتير ما شفتكش.
How are you? I have not seen you for so long.
أتمنى ان جدو يكون كويس. صحته اتحسنت دلوقتى؟
I hope Grandpa is doing well. Has his health improved now?
عندى ليك خبر هايل. أنا اتعرفت على بنت.
I have fantastic news for you. I got to know a girl.
اسمها عيشة وهى من اسكندرية.
Her name is Aishah and she's from Alexandria
اتعرفنا على بعض فى الأجازة.
We got to know each other on vacation
بعد ما أبعتلك الجواب ده حشترى تذكرة طيارة عشان آجى أزورك.
After sending you this letter, I'm going to buy a plane ticket, so I can visit you.
وحجيب معايا صور الأجازة أوريهالك.
And I will bring the pictures from the vacation with me to show them to you.
إلى اللقاء.
See you soon!
عبد الله حط طابع على الجواب وساب شقته متجه لصندوق البوسطة.
Abdullah sticks a stamp on the envelope and leaves his apartment to go to the mailbox.