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Packing the suitcase (Dialogue)

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ترتيب الشنط.
Packing the suitcase
عبد الله مبسوط لأنه حيزور أخوه قريب.
Abdullah is happy that soon he will be visiting his brother.
بدأ يرتب حاجاته.
He begins to pack his things.
شنطته أتقل بكتير من آخر رحلة. عايز ياخد حاجات أكثر.
His suitcase is heavier than it was for the last trip: He wants to take a lot more.
ولازم كمان ياخد هدايا لأخوه وجده.
And he also needs to bring gifts for his brother and grandfather.
اتصل بعيشة يأخد رأيها.
He calls Aishah, to ask her for advice.
ازيك يا عيشة؟
How are you Aishah?
أنا مش عارف أخد هدايا ايه لجدى وأخويا.
I do not know what to bring my brother and grandfather.
النهاردة السوق. أكيد حتلاقى شوية حاجات حلوة.
Today there's a flea market. You will certainly find some small nice things.
أنا فكرت فى كتاب أو اسطوانة.
I have thought of a book or a record.
مش ممكن برضه أبص فى السوق؟
But I could look at the flea market nevertheless?
جنبه فى كشك جرايد. كنت عايز أجيب منه كدة كدة مجلات وجرايد للرحلة.
There is also a newspaper stand next to it. I wanted to get some magazines and a newspaper from there for the ride anyway.
ولازم كمان أروح المول.
And I also have to go to the mall.
محتاج لسة حاجات كتير.
I still need a lot of things.
ايه اللى ناقصك؟
What are you still missing?
على ليستتى:
I have on my list:
مزيل عرق، صابون حمام، مشط، صابون، فرشة سنان.
Deodorant, shower gel, comb, soap, toothbrush.