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The ring (Dialogue)

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The ring
التليفون بيرن. دى عيشة.
The phone is ringing. It is Aishah.
عبد الله أنا عيشة تانى.
Abdullah, here is Aishah again.
ممكن أطلب منك طلب؟
Can I ask a favor from you?
جنب أخوك فى جواهرجى كويس. جدتى بتشتغل هناك.
Close to your brother, there is a good jeweler. My grandmother works there.
انا جايبة من هناك عقد وحلق.
I got a necklace and earrings from there.
فى هناك حاجات متميزة جدا.
They have very fancy things there.
وجدتى كانت واعداني بخاتم قيم من زمان.
My grandmother has promised me a valuable ring some time ago.
وهى هناك شيلاه فى المحل ده.
And she keeps it there at this store.
وكانت عايزة تديهولى بس خافت تبعته بالبوسطة.
And she wanted to give it to me, but she's too scared to send it by mail.
خايفة الخاتم يضيع.
She is afraid that the ring gets lost.
ممكن تجيبلى الخاتم معاك؟
Could you take the ring with you?
بكل سرور.
With pleasure
ادينى عنوان المحل.
Give me the address of the store