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At the airport (Dialogue)

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فى المطار
At the airport
قبل الاقلاع بتاخد اجراءات الأمن وقت طويل.
Before take off, the security check takes a long time.
وصلت طيارة عبدالله بعد الظهر بتأخير تلات ساعات.
Abdullah's plane arrives in the afternoon with three hours of delay.
هو مرهق من السفر وشنطته تقيلة جدا.
He is exhausted from the flight and his luggage is very heavy.
ومش عايز يشيلها تانى للجمرك.
And he doesn't want to carry it again for the customs check.
حط شنطة السفر والشنطة اللي بيشلها علي ظهره على عربية الشنط.
He puts his luggage and the bag he's carrying on his back on a trolley.
فى سواح كتير فى الصالة.
There are a lot of tourists in the terminal.
كلهم بيتكلموا لغات مختلفة.
Every one speaks a different language.
عبد الله لقى أخوه منتظره عند باب الخروج.
Abdullah finds his brother waiting by the exit.