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At the jeweler (Dialogue)

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عند الجواهرجى
At the jeweler's
عبد الله منسيش طلب عيشة.
Abdullah didn't forget Aishas's request.
ودور على عنوان الجواهـرجى فى البلد كلها.
He searched through the whole city for the jeweler's address.
كان محل صغير جدا على طرف المدينة.
It was a very small store in the outskirts of the city.
جدة عيشة ست عجوزة. بتفتح الباب.
Aishahs grandmother is a very old lady. She opens the door.
سلام عليكم. أنا اسمى عبد الله.
(Abdullah:) Hello, my name is Abdullah.
عيشة قالتلى انك حتيجى تاخد الخاتم.
(Grandmother:) Aishah told me that you would come to pick up the ring.
ده خاتم جواز والدتى.
(Grandmother:) It's my mother's wedding ring.
ده قديم جدا وقـيم جدا بالنسبة لى.
(Grandmother:) It's very old and valuable to me.
كنت حقـلق على الخاتم لو كنت بعته.
(Grandmother:) I would have worried about the ring if I would have sent it.
عيشة قالتلى كدة برضه.
(Abdullah:) Aishah said so too.
أنا ححافـظ عليه.
(Abdullah:) I will be careful.
هى قالتلى أن الخاتم حيكون معاك فى أيدى آمنة.
(Grandmother:) She explained that the ring would be in good hands with you.