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The dream (Dialogue)

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The dream
بعد ما عبد الله أخذ الخاتم مشى من المحل.
After Abdullah picked up the ring he left the store
راح محـطة الأوتوبيس وركب الأوتوبيس وقــفـل عـينه.
He went to the bus stop, entered the bus and closed his eyes.
وبسرعة راح فى النوم.
Soon he fell asleep.
واحد قـرب منه.
Someone came closer to him.
الشخص ده سرق خاتم جدة عـيشة.
This person stole the ring from Aisha's grandmother.
عبد الله زعـق، رجع الخاتم أو حبـلغ البوليس.
Abdullah yelled out: give back the ring or I'll call the police!
لكن الحرامى اختفى.
But the thief disappeared.
عبد الله مابقاش عارف يتصرف.
Abdullah didn't know what to do.
لازم يكلم عـيشة ويشرحـلـها اللى حصل.
He had to talk to Aishah and explain to her what happened.
دور على نمرة تليفونها فى أجندة تليفوناته.
He looked into his address book to find her number.
سواق الأوتوبيس قال :آخر الخط. من فـضلـكو انزلوا كلكو.
The bus driver said: last stop, everybody please get off.
عبد الله كان متلخـبط، لكنه فهم:
Abdullah was confused, but then he understood:
أنا كنت بحلم.
(Abdullah:) I was dreaming!
بص فى شنطته الخاتم كان لسة موجود.
He looked into his bag. The ring was still there.