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عبد الله رجع من السفـر ولازم يدى عيشة الخاتم بتاعها.
Abdullah is back from his trip and needs to give Aishah her ring.
بيتصل بها.
He calls her.
ألو، عيشة. أنا عبد الله. أنا جبت الخاتم بتاعـك.
Hello Aishah, this is Abdullah. I brought your ring.
وممكن أديهولك قـريب.
If possible I'd give it to you soon.
أنا كنت نازله دلوقتى أشترى هدوم جديدة من البلد.
I just wanted to go in the city to buy new clothes.
تحب تيجى معايا؟
Do you want to come with me?
طبعا. حعدى عـليكى بعد نص ساعة.
Sure. I'll pick you up in half an hour.
عيشة عايزة تروح محل غالى.
Aishah wants to go in an expensive shop.
عايزة تقيس فستان شافـته فى مجلة.
She wants to try a dress she saw in a magazine.
بص الفـستان ده .تحفة. تفـتكر يبقى حـلو علي؟
Look at this dress. It's great. You think it'd fit me?
شكله حلو قوى بس ما ينـفـعـش تلبسيه فى الشغل.
It looks really good. But you won't be able to wear it for work.