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Cooking (Dialogue)

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The cooking
عبد الله وعيش جابو كل حاجة عايزينها.
Abdullah and Aishah got everything they wanted.
قرروا يتعشوا.
They decide to eat dinner.
نطبخ ايه؟
(Aishah:) What should we cook?
أنا عاوز ستيك.
(Abdullah:) I want steak.
بحبها مستوية كويس.
(Aishah:) Do you like it well done?
انا باحبه مديوم با لتوابل والمسطردة
(Abdullah:) I like it medium with spices and mustard.
أنا بتبله دائما بالملح والفلفل.
(Aishah:) I always season with salt and pepper.
يبقى كل واحد يعمل الستيك بتاعه لنفسه.
(Abdullah:) Then each will make their own steak.
أنا ممكن أطبخ معاه رز.
(Aishah:) I can cook rice with that.
محتاجين حاجة تانى؟
(Abdullah:) Do we need something else?
لازم نروح للجزار.
(Aishah:) We need to go to the butcher.
لو مالقـيـناش لحمة ممكن ناخد فـراخ.
(Aishah:) If we can't find meat we can take chicken.