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The Pharmacy (Dialogue)

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فى الصيدلية
At the pharmacy
عيشة بتشتغل فى صيدلية
Aishah works at a pharmacy.
بعد الحادثة اهتم عبد الله بالطب.
After the accident Abdullah is interested in medicine.
بيزور عيشة فى الصيدلية عشان يتعلم.
He visits Aishah at the pharmacy to learn.
بيلقى نظرة.
He's looking around.
عايز أعرف أيه اللى فى كل الأدراج دى.
(Abdullah:) I want to know what's in all those shelves.
فى الدولاب الأول فوط صحية ومعجون أسنان.
(Aishah:) In the first shelf are tampons and tooth paste.
وسائل منع الحمل زى الكوندوم والحبوب فى الدولاب التانى.
(Aishah:) Contraceptives like condoms or the pill are in the second shelf.
الباقي متقسم بالترتيب الأبجدى حسب المرض.
(Aishah:) The rest is divided in alphabetical order by disease.
حتعملى ايه لو عندى صداع؟
(Abdullah:) What would you do if I had a headache?
حديك قرص دواء للصداع.
(Aishah:) I would give you a painkiller.
لو كنت سخن، كنت حقيس حرارتك وأديك دواء ضد الحمى.
(Aishah:) If you had fever I would get measure your temperature and give you a pill against fever.
وحتعملى ايه لو جالى اسهال وكنـت دايخ؟
(Abdullah:) And what would you do if I had diarrhea and was dizzy?
حبعتك للدكتور!
(Aishah:) I would send you to the doctor!
يمكن يكون عندك عصر هضم أو تسمم.
(Aishah:) Maybe you had a stomachache or got poisoned!
ولا حديك أقراص ولا أنتيبيوتك.
(Aishah:) I would give you neither a pill nor an antibiotic.
حتكون محتاج روشتة زى باقى المرضى.
(Aishah:) For that you would need a prescription like other patients.
بيجيلك زباين كتير؟
(Abdullah:) Do many customers come to you?
آه. المحل ماشى كويس.
(Aishah:) Yes. The store is going well.
وبنوصل الأدوية للمستشفـيات.
(Aishah:) And we're supplying medicine to hospitals.