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At the cinema (Dialogue)

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فى السينما
At the cinema
عيشة و عـبدالله قـاعدين فى أوضة عيشة وبيفـكروا يعـملو ايه النهاردة بعد الظهر.
Abdullah and Aishah sit in Aishah's room and think about what they could do this afternoon.
يللا نروح السينما
(Abdullah:) Let's go to the cinema!
أنا مش فاكر، امتي آخر مرة شوفـنا فـيلم حلو.
(Abdullah:) I can't remember the last time we saw a good movie.
ده من ست أسابيع.
(Aishah:) That was six weeks ago.
كان فيلم هندى.
(Aishah:) It was an Indian movie.
الأمير كان لازم يقـف ضد أهله الملك والملكة عشان يتجوز البنت اللى بيحبها.
(Aishah:) A prince had to stand up to his parents, the king and the queen, to marry the woman he loved.
أه افتكرت. الفيلم ده عجبنى.
(Abdullah:) Yes, I remember. I liked this movie.
ممكن نبص ونحجز على الانتربنت.
(Abdullah:) We can check and book tickets on the internet.
استنى، ايه الفـيلم ده؟ شكله وسيم قـوى!
(Aishah:) Wait, which movie is this? What a handsome looking guy!
ده شعره رماضى!
(Abdullah:) He has gray hair!
عشان كده أنا شايفاه جذاب، وكمان لابس شيك قٌوى.
(Aishah:) That's why he looks attractive. And he's very elegantly dressed.
بس مافـيش تذاكر للفـيلم ده.
(Abdullah:) But there are no tickets for this film.
حظك حلو عاوز تشوف أى فـيلم؟
(Aishah:) Lucky you! Which movie do you want to see?
اية رأيك فى فـيلم الكاوبوى ده؟
(Abdullah:) What about this western?
ده كله محجوز.
(Aishah:) It's completely booked.
فى أماكن فى فـيلم الكارتون؟
(Abdullah:) Are there seats left for a cartoon?
(Aishah:) لأ برضه.
(Aishah:) None here too.
(Abdullah:) خسارة.
(Abdullah:) Too bad.
جتلى فـكرة ! أحسن نروح مسرح.
(Aishah:) I have an idea: it's better if we go to the theater.