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The family party (Dialogue)

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الاحتفال العا ئلى
The family party
الجو برد والتلج نزل.
The weather is cold and snow is falling.
التلج فـكر عبد الله بآخر أجـازة مع عائـلته.
The snow reminds Abdullah of the last vacation with his family.
قـعد يحلم.
He sits and dreams.
بقاله كتير قوى ماشفش عيلته.
It's been so long since he saw his family.
خالته كانت دايما تخبز بسكوت وحش قوى.
His aunt always baked those horrible cookies.
وكانوا كلهم بيجاملوها وبيقولوا أنه حلو.
Everybody complimented her and said that they were good.
الخالة كانت فـخورة بنفـسها لأنها عـمرها ما بتخبز أصلا.
The aunt was so proud of herself, because she ususally never bakes.
جده كان بيعزف كل سنة على الكمان.
His grandfather played on the violin every year.
وجدته كانت بتغنى.
His grandmother was singing.
ساعات كان ابن خالته يعزف فـلوت أو بيانو.
Sometimes his cousin would play the flute and piano.
السنة اللى فاتت أخوه جرب حاجة جديدة.
Last year his brother tried something new.
حاول يعزف مزيكا روك بالجيتار بتاعـه.
He tried to play rock music with his guitar.
عـبد الله عـيلته وحشاه قوى.
Abdullah misses his family a lot.
باباه وممته وجدوده و أخواته وعـمامه وخيلانه وعـماته وخالاته وولادهم.
His father, mother, grandparents, brothers and sisters and unkles and his sons and daughters.
بس الأجازة قـربت وقـريب حـيشوف باباه وممته تانى.
But the vacation's near and soon he'll see his mother and father again.