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Renting a car (Dialogue)

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تأجير عـربية
Renting a car
عبد الله عـزم عـيشة. عايزها تيجى معاه عـنـد أهـله.
Abdullah invited Aishah. He wants her to come to his parents.
أجروا عـربية عـشان يروحوا هناك.
They rent a car to drive there.
عـبد الله طلب نمرة نادى السيارات.
Abdullah dials the number to the rental place.
صباح الخير. كنت عاوز أأجر عربية من يوم السبت الجاى لمدة أسبوعـين.
(Abdullah:) Good morning. I wanted to rent a car from next saturday for two weeks.
عندكم عربية فاضية فى الوقت ده؟
(Abdullah:) Do you have a free car for this time?
حـظك حلو فى عربيتين فاضيين فى الوقت ده.
(Woman on telephone:) Your are lucky. There are two cars for this time.
تفـضل عربية سبور صغيرة ولا عربية كبيرة؟
(Woman on telephone:) Do you prefer a small sporty car or a big one?
كنا عوزين ناخد معانا العجل يعنى عربية كبيرة تكون أحسن.
(Abdullah:) We want to take our bicycles with us, so a big car is better.
كويس يبقى ححجز لحضرتك العربية الأكبر.
(Woman on telephone:) Good. Then I'll reserve the bigger car.
من فـضلك هات معاك رخصة السـواقـة وكارت الئتمان لما تيجى تستلم العربية.
(Woman on telephone:) Please bring your driver's licence and your credit card when you pick up the car.
الاجراءات سريعة ومـش مـعـقـدة. شكرا جزيلا.
(Abdullah:) That was quick and uncomplicated. Thanks a lot.
شكرا على الحجز. انشاء الله تقضى وقت سعيد بالعربية.
(Woman on telephone:) Thanks for the reservation. I hope you have a good time with the car.