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Visiting the parents (Dialogue)

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زيارة الأهل.
Visiting the parents
عبد الله وعيشة وصلوا بالعربية اللى مأجرينها عند أهل عبد الله.
Abdullah and Aishah arrived at his parents with the rental car.
أم عبد الله طبخت عشاء هايل.
Abdullah's mother cooked a great dinner.
وعبد الله بيساعد أمه فى غـسيل المواعين، بتتكلم عيشة مع أبوه.
While Abdullah helps his mother with the dishes, Aishah is talking to the father.
انت بتشتغلى ايه؟
(the father:) What do you do for work?
أنا لسة طالـبة بس بشتغل فى صيدلية جنب الدراسة.
(Aishah:) I'm still studying but I'm working at a pharmacy on the side.
عبد الله قاللى انك بتعـمل شغل يدوى.
(Aishah:) Abdullah told me, that you're working as a craftsman.
أيوة أنا مبيض.
(the father:) Yes, I'm a painter.
عشان كدة الحيطة فى بيتكم متبيضة حلو قوى.
(Aishah:) That's why the walls in your house are painted so well.
من سنتين جددنا البيت.
(the father:) Two years ago we renovated the house.
الكهربائى حـط إضاءة جديدة.
(the father:) An electrician put in new lights.
كل الحاجات المعتادة عـملتها مع عبد الله.
(the father:) All the usual things I did with Abdullah.
بجد؟ أنا ماكنتش أعرف إن عـبد الله موهـوب كدة.
(Aishah:) Really? I didn't know Abdullah was so talented.
المواعـين خـلصت. أم عبد الله بتقـدم الحلو والقهوة.
The dishes are done. Abdullah's mother brings a dessert and coffee.
فـضلوا قاعـدين مع بعض وبيتكلموا.
They are pleased to sit together and talk.