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Breakfast (Dialogue)

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على الفطار
at breakfast
عيشة و عبد الله قاعدين على ترابيزة الفطار.
Aishah Abdullah are sitting at the breakfast table
فى عسل ومربى ولانشون وجبنة وبيض وعيش.
There is honey, jam, sausages, cheese, scrambled eggs and bread.
البيض حلو أوى.
The eggs are very good
معاك حق. خسارة ان مفـيش بسطرمة.
You are right. Unfortunately, there is no pastrami with it.
what a pitty
أنا كمان بحب اللحمة.
I also like meat.
جرب كمان العيش. يمكن يعجبك.
Try the buns too. Maybe you also like them.
هو أنا ممكن كمان أتغدى وأتعشى هنا؟
Can I also have lunch and dinner here?
للأسف ما ينفعش، بس فى مطعم كويس قريب من هنا.
Unfortunately that is not possible. But there is a nice restaurant, close to here.
أودام الفندق بتاعنا بالظبط.
It is located directly across our hotel.
تيجى نروح مع بعض؟
Let's go there together ?