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Avoir & Etre- The Basis of French

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I have/am having
tu as
you have/are having
il a
he has/is having
elle a
she has/is having
on a
we have/are having
nous avons
we have/are having
ils ont
they have/are having
mon frère a
my brother has/is having
ma soeur a
my sister has/is having
mes parents ont
my parents have/are having
je suis
I am/am being
tu es
you are/are being
il est
he is/is being
elle est
she is/is being
on est
we are/are being
nous sommes
we are/are being
ils sont
they are/are being
mon copain est
my friend (male) is/is being
ma copine est
my friend (female) is/is being
mes amis sont
my friends are/are being
je n'ai pas de cheveux
i don't have any hair
il n'a pas de
he doesn't have any
ils n'ont pas de
they don't have any
mes parents n'ont pas de
my parents don't have any
je ne suis pas
I am not
mon copain n'est pas
my friend is not
ça n'a pas de
it doesn't have any
ce n'est pas
it isn't
mes copains ne sont pas
my friends aren't
ma soeur n'est pas
my sister isn't
nous ne sommes pas
we're not