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People: Human Resource Planning

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Chain of command
The number of management levels in a firm a decision may potentially have to pass through
Span of control
The number of workers directly controlled by one manager
Removing layers of management to improve communication in a firm, reducing the chain of command
Passing responsibility lower down the business hierarchy - giving a person under you responsibility for a task normally carried out by the manager.
Organisation chart
A diagram showing the hierarchy of an organisation
An organisational structure with different layers of management
A forceful management style in which all decisions are made by the manager
A caring managerial style, looking after workers to ensure they feel valued.
Democratic consensual
A management style in which a decision is discussed then a vote taken on what should be done.
Democratic consultative
A management style in which a decision is discussed but then the manager makes the final decision.
A management style in which the manager lets the worker get on with things with little direction from the manager.
Job description
An outline of the activities an employee will have to carry out
Person specification
An outline of the skills, attitudes qualifications etc. a person is likely to need to be successful at a job
Narrowing down a list of applicants to create a manageable number to interview
internal recruitment
When an existing employee is recruited to a job
External recruitment
When an employee is appointed from outside the organisation
On-the-job training
Training provided in the workplace e.g. shadowing and existing worker
Off-the-job training
Training undertaken off-site e.g. a college course
Training for new workers