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Cash flow forecast
A tool used to manage a firms income an outgoings to ensure they are always able to pay bills etc.
Balance sheet
An outline of what a firm owns and what it owes
Profit and loss account
An outline of the relationship between a firms costs and revenues leading to details of how much profit it is making.
Gross profit
Profit after cost of sales (variable costs) has been removed.
Net profit
Profit after costs of sales and overheads (fixed costs) have been removed.
How much money a firm brings in (price x quantity) not to be confused with profit
Outgoings for the firm on things like labour, raw materials etc .
Working capital
Funds the firm uses for day-to-day expenses
Things the firm owns
What the firm owes
Current ratio
A measure of whether the firm is likely to be able to pay its bills on a day-to-day basis (how liquid it is)
Share capital
Money raised form shares used by the firm to invest and expand
A share of profits
An agreed amount a firm can go into debt with if it needs to with its bank account
Borrowing money over a fixed time period at interest
Gearing ratio
How much of the money invested in a firm is raised from loans relative to share capital