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I'm happy
tôi vui
you are happy
bạn vui
are you happy?
bạn vui không?
I'm wrong
tôi sai
you are wrong
bạn sai
I'm tired
tôi mệt
are you tired?
bạn mệt không?
I'm sick
tôi ốm
are you sick?
bạn ốm không?
I'm hungry
tôi đói
you are hungry
bạn đói
are you hungry?
bạn đói không?
are you thirsty?
bạn khát không?
I'm thirsty
tôi khát
you are thirsty
bạn khát
am I wrong?
tôi sai không?
are you wrong?
bạn sai không?