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Where do you buy that?

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Wo kauft man das?
Where does one buy that?
Wo kauft man Brot?
Where does one buy bread?
Wo kauft man Bücher?
Where does one buy books?
Wo kauft man CDs?
Where does one buy CDs?
Wo kauft man Computerspiele?
Where does one buy computer games?
Wo kauft man Kleidung?
Where does one buy clothing?
Wo kauft man Kuchen?
Where does one buy cake?
Wo kauft man Make-Up?
Where does not buy make-up?
Wo kauft man Sportschuhe?
Where does one buy trainers?
Wo kauft man Würste?
Where does not buy sausages?
in der Bäckerei
in the bakery
im Modegeschäft
in the clothes shop
im Musikladen
in the music store
im Sportgeschäft
in the sports shop
im Kaufhaus
in the department store
in der Buchhandlung
in the book shop
in der Drogerie
in the drugstore
in der Konditorei
in the cake shop
in the Metzgerei
in the butcher's
in the (masculine and neuter)
in der
in the (feminine)
Wo gehst du einkaufen?
Where do you go shopping (informal)
Ich gehe im Kauhaus einkaufen
I do shopping in the department store
Ich gehe im Supermarkt einkaufen
I go shopping in the supermarket
Was kaufst du dort/da?
What do you buy there? (informal)
Ich kaufe dort/da CDs
I buy CDs there