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Chapter 13α

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ἐρέσσω, ---, ἤρεσα
I row
ἡσυχάζω, ἡσυχάσω, ἡσύχασα
I keep quiet, I rest
ὁ ἄνεμος, τοῦ ἀνέμου
τὰ ἱστία, τῶν ἱστίων
of one another
βέβαιος -ᾱ -ον
firm, steady
λαμπρός -ά -όν
bright, brilliant
ταχύς, ταχεῖα, ταχύ
quick, swift
ἡ Σαλαμίς, τῆς Σαλαμῖνος
Salamis (island near Athens)