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Chapter 26α

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ἀπόλλυμι, ἀπολῶ, ἀπώλεσα, ἀπωλόμην, ἀπολώλεκα
I destroy; I ruin; I lose
ἀπόλλυμαι, ἀπολοῦμαι, ἀπόλωλα
I perish, I am ruined
δέομαι, δεήσομαι, ἐδεήθην
I ask for X (acc.) from Y (gen.); (+ infin.) I beg; (+ gen.) I want, I lack
ἐφίσταμαι, ἐπέστην
(+ dat.) I stand near, I appear to (in a dream)
καθαίρω, καθαρῶ, ἐκάθηρα, κεκάθαρμαι, ἐκαθάρθην
I purify, cleanse
ὀνομάζω, ὀνομάσω, ὠνόμακα, ὠνόμασμαι, ὠνομάσθην
I name; I call
πυνθάνομαι, πεύσομαι, ἐπυθόμην, πέπυσμαι
I inquire; I learn by inquiry; I hear; I find out about X (acc.) from Y (gen.)
φαίνω, φανῶ/φανοῦμαι, ἔφηνα, πέφασμαι
I show
φονεύω, φονεύσω, ἐφόνευσα, πεφόνευκα, πεφόνευμαι, ἐφονεύθην
I slay
ἡ ἀλήθεια, τῆς ἀληθείας
ὁ γάμος, τοῦ γάμου
τὸ δόρυ, τοῦ δόρατος
ἡ νέμεσις, τῆς νεμέσεως
retribution, vengeance
τὸ οἰκίον, τοῦ οἰκίου
house, palace (often plural)
ὁ ὄνειρος, τοῦ ὀνείρου
ἆκων, ἄκουσα, ἆκον
unwilling(ly), involuntary(-ily)
ἕτερος, -α, -ον
one OR the other (of two)
(+ gen.) toward, in the direction of, on (+ dat.) at, for [of price] (+ acc.) at, against, onto, upon, to, for [purpose]
(+ acc.) down, [distr.] each, every; by, on, according to [time] at, through, with regard to
(indirect interrogative) whence, from where