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Bhaddekaratta Sutta
MN 131
Ānandabhaddekaratta Sutta
MN 132
Mahākaccānabhaddekaratta Sutta
MN 133
Lomasakangiyabhaddekaratta Sutta
MN 134
Cūḷakammavibhanga Sutta
MN 135
Mahākammavibhanga Sutta
MN 136
Saḷāyatanavibhanga Sutta
MN 137
Uddesavibhanga Sutta
MN 138
Araṇavibhanga Sutta
MN 139
Dhātuvibhanga Sutta
MN 140
Saccavibhanga Sutta
MN 141
Dakkhiṇāvibhanga Sutta
MN 142