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An wa a mulla nan suugu ba?
Do you want to sing?
Yobo, n wa a mulla nan suugu
Yes, I want to sing
Ayi, n nta suugu mulla
No, I don’t want to sing
N ke wa suugu mulla
I like singing
Ri yiganden dabari
Come and prepare the food
Ayi, n nta a mulla na ke dabari
No, I don't want to prepare it
Kajatu wuyun ni siino manime yi?
How old is Kajatu?
A wuyun ni siino ɲeri ya yi
She’s 7
A wa siino ɲeri ya saasa
She's 7 now
Kajatu xaaxun ni manime yi yirigi?
How old is Kajatu this year?
A wa xaaxu ɲeri ya yirigi
She's 7 this year
Alu ni xasu manime yi?
How many months is Alu?