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I dagaye koyen ya ni n gida ga daga
They went a week before my older brother
An kitten ɲoomi a yi
Point to it with your finger
Take this
N yindi
Help me put it on my head
An ra wa in yindini ba?
Can you help me put it on my head?
A ra wa yindindini ba?
Can he help me put it on my head?
Ke kitaabe nta faamini
This book is incomprehensible
Maxa tiigi tabalun kanma
Don’t push on the table
Maxa tiigi in tan kanma
Don't stand on my foot
An giri Xaayi?
Are you from Kayes?
An da manni falla in ŋa?
What did you bring for me?
An da manni wara in kaane?
What did you give me?