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These scum who fight at the football matches must be severely dealt with!
His strength as a news-reader lies in his training as a journalist.
It's luckless, I lost my bicycle in the morning and my wallet was stolen in the afternoon!
我那趟班机误点了, 我只好看书消磨时间[打发了两小时]
My flight was delayed, so I killed time/killed two hours reading a book.
Miss Smith( who visited china last year) is going to marry Mr!###Abbott.
I do not know the address, but it's two block north of the sheraton hotel.
The stamp in your library book shows it must be returned tomorrow.
我原以为自己画得不错, 可比起你的画儿来未免相形见绌
I thought I was quite a good artist, but your painting puts mine in the shade.
你看见语法书在哪儿呢吗? 词典都在正对著的书架上
ci2 dia3n do1u za4i zhe4ng dui4著 de shu1 jia4 sha4ng!###Can you see where the grammar books are? The dictionaries are on the shelf directly opposite.
In everyday conversation, you request people to do things, not order them.
我基本上同意你的建议, 但是有几个小问题有待商榷
Basically I agree with your proposals, but there are a few small points I'd like to discuss.
当局答应给护士增加5%的工资, 但她们坚持要得到7%的增幅
The nurses have been offered an extra 5%, but they're standing out for a 7% pay rise.
If the sun were to rise in the west, he would pass the exam.
中间休息时有些点心(如冰激凌, 炸土豆片, 巧克力)
Light refreshments (eg ice-cream, crisps, chocolate) are available during the interval.
She needed to soften her request to make it as polite and courteous as she could.
The number of stars now visible to the astronomers makes one's brain reel.
We should try to get away from a `them and us' attitude in industrial relations.
Before you know it you'll be flying home for the winter holidays, I can hardly wait!
Jeremy's just being blooded, so we don't expect him to be very good at the game.
The cormorant is a large, long-necked, dark-colored bird which lives near sea coasts and eats fish.
Their memory wasn't very good when it came to recalling other things, but they remembered the comet.
We are supposed to dress up as movie characters for the party, what a novel idea!
Tidy up your study, kids, Mother said, all your books are in a muddle.
尽管(她讲的)内容有些枯燥, 但由於她善於表达, 大家仍听得津津有味
Although the subject-matter (of her talk) was rather dull her witty delivery kept the audience interested.
And then there came a blinding flash… and hard upon the heels of it, a great tow-row of thunder.
He likes the farms and fields in the country better than the tall buildings and busy streets in the city.
The planets of our solar system are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
na4 de ka4n qi2ng kua4ng###Tell me this: In any job of work, should the master have the last word, or the assistant! That depends.
wo3 shuo1: bu4 hui4 de, wo3 yi3 ji1ng dua4n le zhe4 ge4 nia4n tou le###Do you think you'll want to go back and live in England? he asked!###I don't think so, I said!###I think I've got that much out of my system.