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A type or category of music
Line Dance
Is a dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows all facing the same direction and completing the same steps at the same time
The dancer steps to side with right foot, crosses the left behind, steps to right will right foot again, then steps to end next to right foot.
Grapevine Turn
The dancer will turn the entire body following the first step to the right or left. When stepping right, the turn will be counter clockwise.
Brush Step
One foot stays planted while the other foot kicks forward slightly touching the floor.
Fan Step
One foot will stay while the other foot's toe points out keeping the heel one ground.
Chasay Step
Dancers will alternate a quick gallop step, right, left, right and left.
Cha Cha Step
Cross the right foot over the left, step back with the left, step to the right with the right foot and forward with the left.
Partner dance position
Boy extends left arm and girl places right hand in boy’s left hand. Girl’s left hand on boy’s right shoulder and boy’s right hand on the girl’s left shoulder blade.
When turning the girl, the boy leads the girl under his left arm with the girl turning clockwise leading with left foot. When turning back, girl will lead with right foot turning counter clockwise.