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arnaq nerivoq
a woman eats
kina neriva?
who is eating?
kiffaq qasuvoq
the servant is tired
kina qasuva?
who is tired?
qimmeq angivoq
the dog is big
suna angiva?
what is big?
aqisseq mikivoq
the ptarmigan is small
suna mikiva?
what is small?
arnat neripput
women eat
kikkut nerippat?
who are eating?
kiffat qasupput
servants are tired
kikkut qasuppat?
who are tired?
qimmit angipput
dogs are big
suut angippat?
what are big?
aqissit mikipput
ptarmigans are small
suut mikippat?
what are small?
sanasoq piniartorlu anipput
the carpenter and the hunter go out
arnaq kiffarlu iserput
the woman and the servant go in
matut inillu ajorput
the doors and the rooms are bad
ataata qimmillu qasupput
the father and the dogs are tired
palasi kiffallu anippat?
do the priest and the servants go out?
arnat kiffarlu sanappat?
do the women and the servant do carpentry?
ataata palasillu iserpat?
do the father and the priests go in?
savat qimmillu tuttullu angipput
sheep and dogs and reindeer are big
sanasoq ataatalu piniartullu inerput
the carpenter and the father and the hunters are finished