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kangerluk ungasippoq
the fjord is far away
ikerasak qanippoq
the waterway is near
sanasoq inuillu sanapput kiffalli sinipput
the carpenter and the people do woodwork but the servants sleep
kangerluit ungasipput
the fjords are far away
ataata piniartullu ungasipput arnarli qanippoq
father and the hunters are far but the woman is close
ikerasaat qanipput
the waterways are near
atuarfiit ajorput pisiniarfilli kusanarpoq
the schools are bad but the shop is good
sava qimmerlu aterput tuttuli majuarpoq
the sheep and the dog go down but the reindeer goes up
suna kusanarpa? pisiniarfik
what is good? the shop
suut ajorpat? atuarfiit
what are bad? the schools
inuk panillu iserput palasili anivoq
the person and the daughter come in but the priest goes out