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angut ingippoq ikinngulli nikuippoq
the man sits down but the friend stands up
angutit ingipput ikinngutilli nikuipput
the men sit down but the friends stand up
piniartut aatsaat tikipput
the hunters are only now coming
maannakkut neripput
now they eat
assut qasupput
they are very tired
pujortaat mikivoq kusanarporli
the pipe is small but it is good
angut arnarlu iserput
the man and the woman go in
maannakkut atuarput
now they read
naak qimmeq? naluvara
where is the dog? I don't know
ikinngutit suli sanapput, ilaa?
the friends are still woodworking, aren't they?
naamik, inerput
no, they have finished