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kina sanava, ataata kiffarluunniit?
who does carpentry, father or the servant?
suut naappat, ikitsisit iputilluunniit?
what are short, the matches or the oars?
suna majuarpa, tuttu savaluunniit?
what goes up, the reindeer or the sheep?
kikkut sinippat, piniartut paniilluunniit?
who sleeps, the hunters or the daughters?
anaana suli neriva?
does mother still eat?
naak tuttut?
where are the reindeer? (plural)
anaana suli neriva?
is mother still eating?
naamik, maannakkut pisuppoq
no, now she is going for a walk
ikerasaat assut kusanarput
the waterways are very nice
arnaq angullu anipput. maannakkut sanapput
the woman and the man go out. now they are doing woodwork