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ullaaq iserpit? naamik, anivunga.
do you go inside in the morning? no, I go out
aterpit? naamik, majuarpunga
do you go down? no, I go up
pisupputit, ilaa? ilaana, assut pisuppunga
you are going for a walk, aren't you? that is true, I am definitely going for a walk
ungasippit? aap, ungasippunga
are you far away? yes, I am far away
maannakkut nerivit? aap, nerivunga
are you eating now? yes, I am eating
ullumi allappisi? naamik, atuarpugut
have you all written today? no, we read
suli atuarpisi? naamik, inerpugut
are you all still reading? no, we have finished
qanga makippit?
when did you get up?
ataata anaanalu suli sinippat?
are father and mother still asleep?
ullumi atuarpit?
did you read today?
ippassaq tikippisi?
did you all come yesterday?
qanga aallarpit?
when did you travel?
have you all stood up?
suli sanavit?
are you still doing woodwork?
ataata aallarpoq
father is travelling
ullaaq nerivugut
we ate in the morning
sanasut ullumi sinipput
the carpenters were asleep today
I obey
we get up
angutit arnallu anipput
the men and the women go out
maannakkut ingippugut
now we are sitting down
piniartut sanasullu sanapput
the hunters and the carpenters are doing woodwork
immaqa aallarput
maybe they are travelling