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sava majuarpa? naamik, majuanngilaq
does the sheep go up? no, it does not go up
angut suli sinippa? naamik, sininngilaq, aatsaat makippoq
is the man still sleeping? no, he is not still sleeping, he has just gotten up
matu ajorpa? naamik, matu ajunngilaq
is the door bad? no, the door is not bad
tuttut aterpat? naamik, atinngillat
are the reindeer going down? no, they are not going down
arnat makippat? naamik, makinngillat, suli sinipput
have the women gotten up? no, they have not gotten up, they are still asleep
init kusanarpat? naamik, kusananngillat
are the rooms good? no, they are not good
ippassaq aallarpusi, ullumi aallanngilasi
yesterday you all traveled, today you all did not travel
ullumi assut qasuvugut
today we were very tired
ippassaq ungasipput
yesterday they were far away
suli nerinngilasi?
have you all still not eaten?
aamma nerivisi?
have you all eaten too?
allappit? naamik, allanngilanga
are you writing? no, I am not writing
ullaaq innarpunga erniinnarli makippunga
in the morning I went to bed and immediately got up
atuarfik ungasinngilaq
the school is not far away
arnat atinngillat
the women are not going down