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ataata pujortaateqarpoq
father has a pipe
aamma anaana pujortaateqarpa?
does mother also have a pipe?
piniartoq qimmeqarpoq
the hunter has a dog
angut arnarlu paneqarput
the man and the woman have a daughter
do you have friends?
don't you have friends?
nuna kangerluqarpoq
the country has fjords
qaqqat aqisseqarpat?
are there ptarmigans in the mountains?
there are no reindeer
kangerluk qeqertaqarpoq. qeqertat savaqarpat? aap
the fjord has islands. are there sheep on the islands? yes
arnaq illoqarpoq. illu ineqarpoq. init assut kusanarput
the woman has a house. there are rooms in the house. the rooms are very good
qaqqaq suli aqisseqarpa?
are there still ptarmigans on the mountain?
umiaqanngilanga. aamma umiatsiaqanngilatit?
I do not have an umiak. do you also not have a rowboat?
teeqarpisi? naamik, teeqanngilagut, kaffeqarpugut
do you all have tea? no, we don't have tea, we have coffee