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aasaq aallarputit. ukioru aamma aallassavit?
in the summer you travelled. will you also travel in the winter?
ukioru aallassanngilanga
I will not travel in the winter
qaqugu taava aallassavit?
then when will you travel?
aatsaat upernaaru aallassaanga
I will just be travelling in the spring
sanasut suli ininngillat erniinnarli inissapput, taava angerlassapput
the carpenters have still not finished but soon they will finish, then they will go home
palasi tikippoq kisianni piniartut suli tikinngillat
the priest has arrived however the hunters still have not arrived
immaqa aatsaat unnugu tikissapput, immaqaluunniit aqagu tikissapput
maybe they will come right this evening, or maybe they will come tomorrw
erniinnaq atuassaanga, aamma allassaanga
soon I will read, I will also write
naak ataata anaanalu? naluvara, suli isinngillat
where are mother and father? I don't know, they still haven't come inside
kiffat aqagu sulissanngillat?
won't the servants be working tomorrow?
piniartoq qimussisava? naagga, qimussissanngilaq
will the hunter drive a dog sled? no, he will not drive a dog sled
qaqqat aqisseqanngillat upernaaruli aqisseqassapput
there are no ptarmigans in the mountains but in the spring there will be ptarmigans
angut maannakkut sulissava?
is the man going to do woodwork now?
angut assut qasuvoq, sinissaaq
the man is very tired, he is going to sleep