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to make coffee
to drink coffee
to go to the cinema
illit uvangalu aatsaat tikippugut, assut qasuvugut
you and I have just come, we are very tired
ippassaq aallarpugut, qimusserpugut
yesterday we travelled, we drove a dog sled
kaffeqarpunga kaffiliussaangalu
I have coffee and am going to make coffee
kangerluk sikoqarpa? sikoqarpoq, siku assut kusanarpoq
is there ice on the fjord? there is ice, the ice is very good
aamma ikerasak sikoqarpa? naamik, sikoqanngilaq
is there also ice on the waterway? no, there is no ice
immaqa aatsaat ukioru sikoqassaaq
maybe only in the winter will there be ice
umiatsiaq suli ininngilaq
the rowboat is still not finished
umiatsiaq qaqugu inissava?
when will the rowboat be finished?
arnaq aqagu aallassaaq. qimussissaaq
the woman will travel tomorrow. she will drive a dog sled
qasuvoq erniinnarlu innassaaq
she is tired and will soon go to bed
unnugu anissaanga. filmissaanga
this evening I will go out. I will go to the cinema
naak paniit? anipput. maannakkut pisupput erniinnarli isissapput
where are the daughters? they are out. they are walking now but soon they will come in